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The best kept secret…

Bernadette, Jack and Paul came to us with a family memoir book which was their father’s autobiography.  When asked about their experience with Smith Printing Company, they had this to say:book printing company secret

“Thank you for making our dream come true. This project has been in the making for over 3 years. Smith Printing is the best kept secret around!  I would be happy to promote you. Paul posted a pic of the final book on Facebook and let people know it was done. It’s so beautiful and the cost was so affordable, we are overjoyed with the outcome. There is just nobody else out there that is doing this. I googled and researched on the internet before I found you. 2 of the 4 companies I contacted didn’t even bother to respond. The 3rd one did call me but said they had a minimum order of 3 or 4 thousand dollars–can’t remember. I said thanks, no thanks.”

“Becky was excellent in customer service! She answered all emails promptly, even on weekends. She is very knowledgeable and treated us all (3) with respect and courtesy. We especially were pleased with the price! Very affordable for a family memoir/autobiography.”

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