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You made the experience easy and personable…

Book Printing ServicesLee’s family history book project came to us from the great state of Montana!  The Smith family had just taken our summer Book printing servicevacation, camping in nearby Glacier National Park.  What a wonderful area and we loved the nice thank you card you sent!

“Thanks again for making my first experience at producing our family’s history a completely delightful event!  Also, when I get around to finishing my life’s story, I’ll be happy to contact you.  You made the experience easy and personable.”


…but when I look at my own book, I think of you– you made me look good!

Dear Becky,Book Printing Service
Just a note to say how much I appreciate your work. The time you spent with me, countless emails, was of tremendous value. It is rare these days to find people like you.

Having such a good experience with you from my first book, I was so glad to be able to return to you for this one. I realize I may be just another customer, and an insignificant one at that, however treating me like I am a premier customer just reinforces my appreciation for you.

The books look wonderful! The Warden (my wife and biggest critic, she knows my work well) immediately grabbed a book and started flipping through the pages and stated, “This looks terrific.” She already knew the content, her comment was about your work.

I presented the book to Michael yesterday and he loves it. His wife could not stop talking about it either. Anyone who reads the book will obviously be thinking about Michael. However, when Michael himself reads the book, he is thinking of me. But when I look at my own book, I think of you– you made me look good.

May God bless you and your work!
Thank you again,

Thanks for everything…I’m jumping for joy!

Book Printing ServiceSandy had a very special book printing project that we were proud to help become a reality.  Her promise made was a promise kept, a legacy is now handed on to the ones loved most!

“Books are here and I am absolutely delighted.  I love them and am so pleased at how they turned out.  I can’t wait to give everyone their book!  Thank you so much for your help and suggestions, and thanks for working with me on all the little weird requests and changes.  You have been great!

I am thrilled, and I think my husband would have been so pleased.  I wish he could have seen the final product before he passed away.  I know he would have loved it too!  I have fulfilled my promise to him to be sure and got this project done and handed to his kids, grandkids, brothers and sisters.

Thanks for everything, and I’m jumping for joy!”


On the ball and got things done!

The Stone family have owned and run the Minnesota ski areas known as Buck Hill and Powder Ridge from 1954 to 2015.  They were looking to publish a Book Printing Servicecommemorative book celebrating the wonderful history of the ski landmarks known to all in the area.  She chose Smith Printing Company for our pricing, fast delivery and customer service.

“Working with Becky is great, she is on the ball and got things done. Not only were her prices the best but she returned all my calls/emails in a timely manner. I would definitely work with her again-our books look beautiful!”


The books look beautiful!

Book Printing ServiceRick had a book project that he thought needed the touch of a professional book printing service.  He worked with Smith Printing Company and had these nice words to say:

 “Yes, the books arrived and look just beautiful.  I was so glad how crisp the type is and the clarity of the photos.  So much better than when I printed it here at home.  The covers and foil lettering look so nice.  Thank you!  It was great working with you to complete this project.”

Best wishes,


A book printing project for St. Cloud State University

Dana from St. Cloud State University was looking online for a book printing service to publish a literary journal for students in the English Department.  She chose SmithBook Printing Service Printing Company due to the great customer service she received.  We were especially proud to work on this book project as three of the Smith boys have or will be attending this school.  Go Huskies!

“I have never before received the attention to detail, quick responses, respect, and customer care like I did from Smith Printing.  They have a customer for life.  I highly recommend them.”


Book cover design to cry for…

Book Printing and BindingGregorina was looking to have a book printed and bound and decided we offered the best solution.  We also provided a new cover design which she really liked!

“I was very impressed with the book cover after I sent Becky a sample idea of what I wanted. Actually, I cried when I received the book cover from Becky. I am also very much satisfied with the quality of the paper used.”


The “About Us” page sold me immediately!

Julie was putting together a cookbook filled with her Grandmother’s recipes and found us online.Book Printing Service
“I knew I wanted a hardbound book so I searched Google and came across Smith very quickly. The “About Us” page sold me immediately! I got a prompt response from Becky, verifying that your company could meet my requests.”

After completing her book printing project she had these kind words to say about our services:

“Becky was excited about my project from the very first email. We discussed options, timelines, and budgets and she was extremely helpful with all of my questions and requests. The whole process was smooth and fast and personal. The Smith team was creative and efficient and were always responsive to my edits. Everyone took great care to provide the very best product possible, from scanning to shipping. I was confident that my irreplaceable source documents were handled gently and that the delivery window and prices were accurate from start to finish. The books that arrived exceeded even my highest expectations – the quality is amazing. These books will be loved and handed down for years and years. I could not speak more highly of Smith Printing!”

Julie Hermiller


…what a pleasure it was to do business with you.





Hi Becky,

Just a note to tell you how pleased we were with the finished book of letters.  Michael and I presented the finished product to my husband on Christmas Eve and he was surprised and touched by the project and finished product.  Michael has recounted numerous times what a pleasure it was to do business with you.  We are most grateful.  

Wishing you and your husband the best in 2019.

Nancy Dimunation

… of course she loved it!

Nancy had a very personal book printing project and we were happy to help her make it happen…Book printing services

“My granddaughter opened it last night… of course she loved it!  Her and her mom had a few tears in their eyes, it was like my Dad was there too!  Thanks again for all your help! When I first approached this project it was very stressful and I did not know how I would pull it all together.  After talking to you on the phone, my fears melted away.  I knew it would be possible to pull this book off.”

“Who knows, maybe there will be a another adventure for Spider, Runner and Lucy Rain. I will definitely call you if there is!”


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