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Hello Young Writers!

Here is your chance to use your creative writing and drawing skills, and have fun at the same time!  Our Book Writing Service allows you to write and illustrate your own book!  We will take your story, format the illustrations and text, bind it in a hard cover, and stamp the title and author’s name on the cover.  The illustrations are printed in high quality color!  We supply a writing kit to help you start, finish and customize your book.  This kit will help you with story starter ideas and preparation for submitting your project to us.  There is also an author page with a picture and information about the writer!

The hard cover bindings are 8 3/4 x 11 1/4 inches in size. The covers are available in: Black, Charcoal Grey, Forest Green, Midnight Blue and Maroon.

Pricing for Children’s Book Writing Package – $50


  • Writing Kit
  • Story formatting
  • Illustrations
  • Author page
  • Standard Hard cover binding
  • Stamping the title and author’s name on the cover

There is a 2000 word limit and you may use up to eight illustrations. We will scan your artwork, text must be sent pre-typed in a word processing program. (via e-mail or disk) This price includes one copy of your book.

Shipping: $15  (to first ship the writing kit and then the final bound book)

Additional copies of your book:
Additional copies of your book – $25  (if placed with original order)
Additional copies at a later date – $30 each for one, $25 each for two or more

Gift Certificates Available!

We offer our hardcover book binding, soft cover book binding and book publishing services for your creative writing projects. Our book binding service is an affordable way to make your books both long lasting and look professional.