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Book Printing and BindingThis week’s customer feedback story is about an author that wrote a book containing a collection of stories and interviews.  Her book contained a history of the families and church of a small town in northern Wisconsin.

Hello Becky,

Yes, I did receive the books and they are beautiful.  I had a conversation with Irene and she is elated!  She will have a book signing in a couple weeks (May 22 and 23) at the Historic St. Ann’s Church which is a focal point of the book.  She is thinking of it as a family reunion.  I plan to attend and continue to be of support to her. Irene told me that when her daughter saw the book tears came to her eyes.  She is so proud of her mother’s accomplishment and to see her father’s name in print.

For sure, I would not hesitate one bit on recommending your printing to anyone who asked.  I appreciate your kindness (even when I am pestering you about when the books will be finished) and your assistance.  I have never before done such a project with someone so your helpfulness was greatly appreciated.

I am happy that the cover looks so beautiful.  Whoever of your staff did it, give them my greetings and a word of appreciation.  Both Irene and I are pleased.

Blessings and peace to you,


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