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Book Printing Font of the Week – Wednesday, October 14

Book Printing Font Combinations

As we have discussed before, you will need to use a combination of fonts for the final presentation of your book.  This book printing font combination is Futura HV for the heading and Palatino Linotype for the body text.  If you study fonts you will begin to see many minor differences in what seem to be similar fonts.  The way a font presents capital letters is probably the easiest way to spot differences.  Another way is to look at certain lowercase characters like the letters “a” and “g”.  Even within the same font category you will see some differences.  Some font differences are easy to spot, others are more subtle.  Novelty is a serif font like Palatino.  I think Novelty has a much warmer, rounded look to it.  I would consider using Palatino in a book for adults and Novelty in books written for children.

Differences between fonts

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