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Book Printing Font of the Week – Wednesday, September 2

Book Printing Fonts

Well, we have had fun for a few weeks and it’s time to get back to business!  Remember, if you are looking for a font for the paragraph text when publishing a book, you need to find a good serif font.  Garamond has been a classic book printing font of choice for many years.  This is another alternative to Times New Roman.  Garamond offers a familiar and professional look to your readers.  Don’t let the creativity stop when you finish writing your book!  Experiment with many different fonts, even combinations of fonts.  One font for the body of the text and another, possibly sans serif font, for headings and captions.  The combination below shows Garamond teamed up with a bold Calibri font for a heading.  I picked these two because the letters “g” and “a” were similar.

Book printing fonts

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