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The Plumpest Purplest Grape

We are proud to give you another installment in our Authors Interviews and Insights series!  Dawn Trappen and her husband Jon created a beautiful  looking children’s book.  Dawn is the author and Jon did the illustrations.  The intent was to create a vintage looking book and it turned out absolutely wonderful!  This is the first of a seven-book series called Kingdom Valley Fables.

Book Printing Author AdviceWhere did you get the inspiration or idea to write your story? Years ago when I was a young mother I felt like I experienced a download from the Lord and wrote the little book. At that time I felt it would be a series…28 years later I’ve published the first book in the Kingdom Valley Fables Series, The Plumpest, Purplest Grape!

Why is your story or subject important to you? It is a story about life and love in fable form. As we all live our lives we come face to face with two kingdoms on this earth, one that leads to life and one to death. We get to choose which kingdom we want to align with. My hope and prayer is that I share the beauty of life and love, not only in this book series but also in how I walk out out my life.

Did you learn anything new about writing along the way? Yes, I am not naturally gifted to write…I have to be inspired or it falls flat.

What challenges do you face as a writer? Striving instead of Abiding

If you could share one piece of advice with a beginning author, what would that be? Get your self out of the way. How can you instead, bless others.

Where have you been selling your book, what has worked best? Word of mouth, Facebook

Just for Fun
What is your favorite season of the year?   Spring/Summer
Are you a Dog or Cat person (or neither!)?   We have a cat, but dogs are nice too!
Where do you go to write?  Somewhere very peaceful and quiet
Your favorite book: Tale of Benjamin Bunny
Finally, Who is YOUR favorite author?  Illustrator/Author- Beatrix Potter
Where can we find your book online?
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