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A book about Sully the Rescue Dog…

Book printing processThe process of printing a book can be an enjoyable experience…authors often share their deepest passions with the world through their creative works.  Christie had Smith Printing produce her book about Sully the rescue dog.   It has been a busy time but a great journey!

“I love the final product!  I have been extra busy with things BESIDES the book, but have still managed to sell 62 copies in two weeks.  I have a book reading scheduled next Saturday in Rochester that I am really excited about. It’s a fund raiser for RAGOM and I was so honored that they invited Sully and I to the event!  I would be more than happy to fill out a favorable review!”

“Becky was wonderful to work with! She guided me through the process of getting my book printed and was always available to answer my questions. Becky made the process of printing my book an enjoyable experience!”


You can purchase a copy of “Sully” here:

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