Offering Book Printing and Book Binding Services throughout the USA, Canada and Beyond!

Smith Printing Company is a family owned and run business founded in 1998.

Located in Minnesota, we provide Book Printing, Book Binding and other services to creative people all across the United States, Canada and beyond!

The owners and founders of Smith Printing Company, Todd and Becky Smith, bring very different talents to the company:

Becky Smith – a former school teacher, runs the customer service and sales departments.

Todd Smith – with a background in manufacturing, is in charge of in house-production, computer systems and facility management.

The company was started with the goal of providing a book printing service that would enable everyone to realize their dreams of creating their own books.  One of our original ideas was to provide this book printing service for younger writers wanting to have their stories and writings professionally finished.  Since that time we have expanded our services to include Family History Books, Poetry Books and more.   We are also a yearbook publisher.

Our customers have shown us the need for a company that provides book printing and binding services to individuals, smaller schools or organizations not able to meet the large minimum order requirements of other book printing companies.  We have no minimum orders on many styles of books.  We have also seen the need for good customer service in the book printing industry.  You will get our best service whether you want one copy of your project or a thousand!

As a yearbook publisher we have many customers come to us who have left their old yearbook publisher because of their high prices, rigid guidelines and lack of flexibility.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to create a beautiful book.  Beyond our book printing service and book binding service we can provide writing, typesetting, photo restoration, formatting and illustrating services for those interested.

Binding Options

We offer many different book binding options.  Hard cover and soft cover bindings,  wire binding and more.  Hot foil imprinting is another option that will give your books a very prominent look.

Foil Stamping

Over the years we have discovered that the same equipment we use to make our book covers look so nice can also be used to personalize your scrapbooks and other items too!  Take a look at the samples on our Hot Foil Stamping page.

One-stop book printing service

Having your book project printed and bound does not have to be a complicated and frustrating process.  Instead of going to your local copy shop and settling for a very generic product, let us take your project and give you a very unique and professional look that will stand out.  We offer simple solutions to those looking for a one-stop book printing service that will help your ideas become reality!

With the help of the internet and other modern technologies we are able to be your book printing service, yearbook publisher and more no matter where you are located!  We have customers in all the major cities; New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Tampa, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver and near our home in Minneapolis. 

Call or email us to get started on your project today!

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Todd and Becky Smith
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