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Below are some of the finished works written by authors that we have had the privilege to work with . . .

Four Victims – An Atlanta Homicide Story
Author: Linda Gendron
ISBN# 9780578696522

If you delight in a little excitement, romance, humor, an occasional gruesome event and surprise endings, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the story.  If you’ve ever visited or lived in Atlanta, Georgia, you’ll enjoy it even more. Available for purchase here: www.lgyoung.com

Children's Book Binding
Things You Need To Know About Grandmas – Pieces of Her Heart
Author: Linda Bradbury
ISBN# 978-1-938911-90-3
Written from a Child’s perspective, Each page is a vignette of a special time spent with Grandma.  A book that will warm your Heart. 
If you have Grandchildren or know of a young Mom-to- be or an “expecting” soon to be Grandma, this book is a must!  A child tells the story, about picking flowers outside Grandmas door in her prize garden, how a child borrowed Grandmas favorite baking bowl and placed a lizard in it, and Grandma did not even care, or how a child gets to bake with Grandma and even crack the eggs because they are soooo big!  Or how Grandma tells us each one of her Grandchildren that they all have a special place in her heart that is only theirs.  But most of all,Grandmas can solve all your problems and love you no matter what.  Charming and delightful, the book is 48 pages in full color with sketched and watercolor images. 
World War II Family History Books Letters Home
Written by William Richard Knotek,
Edited by Robin Knotek Bova
ISBN# 978-1-4951-9346  Available for purchase here
70 years ago, a young aspiring fighter pilot left his home and family in East Hampton, CT to fight the big fight for our country doing what he loved. During his training, at home and abroad, William Knotek wrote home of his experiences as often as he could, sometimes sketching out what he learned about flight in the Army Air Corps. These letters are a remarkable piece of WWII history, which have been preserved in a limited edition softcover book of 600+ pages.  PRINTED IN THE U.S.A.

Soft Cover Perfect Bound Book with Clear Laminate
Heart Song and Sand Dollar
Author: Joyce Ann Naslund
Heartsong ISBN# 978-0-9883004-0-8
Heartsong is Joyce Ann’s debut novel.  Her writing style showcases her love of detail as she takes us on a journey through life.
Sand Dollar ISBN# 978-0-9883004-2-2
Sand Dollar is Joyce Ann’s second novel…you’ll love the romance and humor in this inviting glimpse of paradise!
Hard Cover Book Binding with Matte Laminate
The Book of Ahhh…
Author: Kathleen Kendall
ISBN# 978-0-692-29342-3
The Book of Ahhh… a stunning, full-color collection of haiku.
Beauty surrounds us, provided by a loving universe.  Once in a while, take the time to slow down a bit, and let your heart and mind be soothed by the wonder of it all.
Available for purchase at: Lake Country Booksellers –
White Bear Lake, MN  (651) 426-0918   Also available on Amazon.com
Hard Cover Book Binding for Children's Books
Boxes For Billy
Written by: Billy Dohrmann, Illustrated by Bryan Dixon
ISBN# 978-0-9915231-0-8
This wonderful story highlights the endless imagination of children (and the author!)  Open up this box and unwrap the surprise inside. The creative story and fantastic illustrations make this the total package!
Available for purchase at: boxesforbilly.com
Hard and Soft Cover Book Publishing - Crane Showcase
O Mother, Where art thou?
A guide for raising strong, independent, competent children
Author: Valerie A. Crane
“O Mother, Where Art Thou?” is a book written by Dr. Valerie A. Crane, Pastor’s Wife of Temple Baptist Church.  The book is about parenting with a purpose.  A general, child-rearing book with helpful insights.
ISBN# 9780615495187
Hard and Soft Cover Book Publishing - Boerboon Delak Showcase
Been There, Done That
A Life Journal
Author: Sara Boerboon Delak
This is a one of a kind book! It is designed for you to use throughout your entire lifetime and the quality is made to last just as long. It is a hardcover book with vibrant full color pages from start to finish. Over 100 ideas are listed to complete your Life List (Bucket List). You may also add your own ideas in the back of the book!
This book has a hard cover book binding and a dust jacket.
ISBN# 9780615422954     Available for purchase on Amazon
Hard and Soft Cover Book Publishing - Combs Showcase
Headspin, Headshots & History:
Growing up in Twin Cities Hip Hop
Author: Zach Combs
ISBN# 9780615568539
Available for purchase HERE
Hard and Soft Cover Book Publishing - Bell Showcase
The Longest Leap
Author: Greg Bell
Meet Dr. Greg Bell; 1956 Olympic Champion, Long Jump.
The book is an autobiography which chronicles an improbably long leap from the chicken house of my childhood to Olympic gold and beyond. It also urges the reader to refrain from letting the limits of one’s present view be the limits of one’s possibilities.
This book is for sale at Dr. Bell’s speaking engagements and HERE
Hard and Soft Cover Book Publishing - Garlasco Showcase
The Boy Who Blew Away
Author: Maryann M. Garlasco
ISBN# 978-0-9657992-6-3
Hardcover children’s story
Also available in soft cover