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For book printing and binding, They give you so much more for the price…

Austin found us online as he was looking for a book publisher.  He had previous experience with another book publisher but was really impressed with what SmithBook Printing and Binding Printing Company had to offer:

“I had a wonderful experience with Smith Printing. In fact, I would rate their service to me, to be better than my genealogy book publication with a prestigious Maine publisher.  I thought the Maine publisher did a super job, but Smith Printing exceeded their quality. Becky and her staff got together as a team and pulled my book together so the narrative and pages  flowed smoothly. They took my pictures and laid them out in a smooth pattern within the book. I don’t know how they did it, but the quality and resolution of my pictures were better than what I submitted for publication in my book. I assume the quality improvement had something to do with  the quality of their printers and the staff that operate them. The book’s hard copy cover was beautifully done and reflected a quality standard for the book. In fact, Becky called me after the book cover printing, and informed me, that they were not satisfied with the quality of the cover, and that they planned to run the cover printing again through the press.
And finally, the price they charged was reasonable and cheaper then other printers and publishers.  You can’t go wrong with the Smith printing team. They give you so much more for the price.”

Austin G. Mueller


Recommended Book Printing Company…

Book Printing and Binding ServiceNila came to Smith Printing Company to have a memoir book printed for her and her family.  She had a bad experience with another book publisher previously that made her tentative to give it another try with a new company.  We were able to deliver what she needed and restore her faith in the book printing process!  She had these kind words to share about her experience with Smith Book Printing Company:

“The books have arrived!!!  AND they are worth the wait!  They look beautiful, and the quality is wonderful.  I am beyond pleased.  My hands were literally shaking as I opened the first box, remembering my horrible experience with the first publisher, but when I pulled out the first book my fears were put immediately to rest.  I am having a great time scanning through the book one more time.  I’m really excited to give them to my family.  Thank you for giving me exactly what I wanted as the end result of this very long project.  Your company is 1st on my list of recommendations to my friends who are still in the process of writing.”

Warm regards,


Customer service defines this company

Book Printing and BindingWhen Elaine was looking to have her cookbook published she looked online and chose Smith Printing Company.  She was very happy with the end result and had this to say:

“There are many publishing company options on the web but choose this one. I am thrilled with my cookbook, the copies beautifully packaged when shipped! Personalized, excellent and professional customer service defines this company. Becky is hands-on. Her experience and depth will guide you in the process. She is readily available to answer questions-layout format, paper options, the best pricing. I could not be more pleased. Choose this company!”

My favorite book for the Christmas season…

Book Printing and Binding

Most Recent Cover

I would like to share a personal item this Christmas season.  A long time ago my family inherited a small book called The Story Of The Other Wise Man from my grandfather.  It was one of his favorite books and it is full of his handwritten notes in the margins.  Although it is not specifically a Christmas story it tells the tale of a journey that began with a man following a star in the east, searching for something he didn’t even fully understand.  The book can be read in one sitting and it is definitely worth it.

Book Printing and Binding

What mine looks like


Did he find what he was looking for…..I won’t spoil it for you!   

Have a Wonderful Christmas!

May you find the lifelong Joy and Peace offered by the birth of Christ…

Todd Smith


Making a dream come true…

Book Printing and BindingWe offer many different book printing and book binding options to our customers.  Elizabeth chose to have a custom hard cover binding for her project and was very happy with the service and final product she received!

“I wanted to make a hardback, bound book of my late husband’s writings. Poems, plays and stories. Becky at Smith Printing Company helped me make this dream come true. She guided me through their process with ease and compassion. I felt as if she was really invested in my project. She had great suggestions for me and I could tell that she really cared about my small project. The books were absolutely beautiful. I felt that as much care was given to my project as would have been given to a much larger project. I totally recommend Smith Printing Company.”


How Big are the Stars…

Book Printing and BindingHelping people print books that capture life experiences to share with future generations is one of our favorite things!  Doug created a wonderful book and we made sure it received the attention all of his efforts deserved.  He opted for a solid color foil stamped book cover that turned out very nice.  He gave us this feedback once the project was complete…

“Hi Becky, my name is Doug Wright, you know me through my book of memories growing up on our Iowa farm in the 1950’s and 60’s, (Dad, How Big are the Stars.)   My niece Tonya Carstens has acted on my behalf and as an intermediary between you and me over the last few months.  I just wanted to personally tell you how very pleased I am with the finished product that you and your company have made for me and  for my family.  I worked off and on, on the book for two years, after many years of thinking about writing it. It was a labor of love and I want to express my gratitude to you for your part in making my wish come true for my family to know and understand what our life was like growing up on the farm so long ago. 

Thank you for helping my dream become a reality. If I ever decide to write a follow up book on our lives post farm life, I will certainly remember you.”

With highest regards,

Doug Wright

Book Printing and Binding

Compliments on the quality of the books…

Book Printing and Binding Kandy and her daughters have a family owned publishing company run by two generations of women who believe stories matter!  During a time of isolation she wrote a book where the story provides opportunities to find happiness.  They sent us a nice card expressing their thanks for our assistance in producing “Red Was Blue.”

“We wanted to let you know we have received so many compliments on the quality of the books print and hard cover.  Everyone says it is one of the highest quality books they own.  We are so thankful for you and your partnership.  Our next couple of books will be coming late spring, early summer.  We look forward to continuing projects.”

Kandy & the Girls

Book Printing and Binding

Book can be purchased at Miz Stevens Publishing, LLC

Book Signing in Wisconsin!

Irene is an author that wrote a book about her hometown of Greenwood Wisconsin.  The book has been very popular and she stated, “The books have been well received with all 300 of her initial order going quickly.”  We have even received phone calls at Smith Printing from individuals praising the quality of the book!  Starting with notebooks full of information, and little help, she was able to transform it all into book form.  As mentioned in the Medford Star News, she hopes the book serves as a resource for families with roots in the Greenwood area.  I’m sure she had a lot of fun at her book signing!

Book Printing and Binding Book Printing and Binding

Irene sent us a nice handwritten note sharing her words of appreciation and these newspaper clippings.

“Dear Becky,

I just wanted to share these newspaper articles with you.  I have received so many compliments on the book.  Thank you for the beautiful printing job!


Irene Dums”

Book printing recommendation!

Book Printing and BindingFamily history books are one of the most popular types of books we regularly print at Smith Printing Company.  The Burns family has printed two books with us commemorating their own family history.  They sent us a nice handwritten note stating their experience with Smith Printing…


We appreciate you printing this project.  We have had a lot of positive comments from the family about the printing and binding of the book.  We would highly recommend your company to anyone wanting a book printed.”

Thank you,

Bill & Blanche Burns

Christmas keeps on going all year long…

Book Printing and BindingIt may be a hot summer but customers are still feeling like it’s Christmas!  Opening boxes of your printed books can be a great experience, Teresa shared hers:

“Dear Becky,

I just received Christmas in July!  Yes, my books were delivered today.  You and your crew did a beautiful job.  I am very happy with my book.  Thank you so much for making my journey end with a beautiful book.  I appreciate you more than I can say in mere words and will be forwarding your name to anyone who wants to their works put into print. 

It has truly been a privilege to work with you.  Keep up the good work Becky.

Fondly, Teresa”

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