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…but when I look at my own book, I think of you– you made me look good!

Dear Becky,Book Printing Service
Just a note to say how much I appreciate your work. The time you spent with me, countless emails, was of tremendous value. It is rare these days to find people like you.

Having such a good experience with you from my first book, I was so glad to be able to return to you for this one. I realize I may be just another customer, and an insignificant one at that, however treating me like I am a premier customer just reinforces my appreciation for you.

The books look wonderful! The Warden (my wife and biggest critic, she knows my work well) immediately grabbed a book and started flipping through the pages and stated, “This looks terrific.” She already knew the content, her comment was about your work.

I presented the book to Michael yesterday and he loves it. His wife could not stop talking about it either. Anyone who reads the book will obviously be thinking about Michael. However, when Michael himself reads the book, he is thinking of me. But when I look at my own book, I think of you– you made me look good.

May God bless you and your work!
Thank you again,

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