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Guiding you through the book binding maze…

Book Printing and BindingMany of our book binding customers have never done a project like this before.  We can guide you through the process so you look like a pro!

“What a fantastic job Smith Printing did for us with my grandmothers memoirs! The price was incredibly fair, the end product was beyond our expectation and the delivery was quick. I honestly can’t say enough good things about the performance of this company. From the first conversation we had I felt like I was dealing with trusted friends. Becky and her company were absolutely wonderful.  I had never had a manuscript bound before, so I wasn’t sure how to proceed.  She provided sound advice and guidance and was an absolute delight to deal with.”


A very special Memory Book…

Book Printing and Binding

We recently had the honor of helping Barbara print a family history book for her granddaughter who was missing her father…

“My son died five years ago at the age of 46.  He has a now 7 year old daughter who lives with her mom in Singapore (My son and daughter-in-law went there for job opportunities and stayed for the wonderful environment and experiences that are available to Alex).  Alex was only a year and a half old when Robert died.  Recently she has been saying that her Daddy has “fallen out of her heart” because she can’t remember him.  When she turned seven in June, I sent Alex a photo of her dad at his seventh birthday party.  Her response to that made me think that this might be a good time to write down some family history and information about her dad that she can hang onto.  I tried to include photos too so that Robert will seem a bit more “real” to her. 

Alexandra sleeps with her book under her pillow every night. She calls it her “Happy Memories Book.” So, I guess we can say you made her day too!”


From start to finish…

Susie came to us with her family book printing project because she experienced good customer service right from the start.  We are glad she was very satisfied with her printed and bound books!

Book PublishingFrom start to finish of my project, Becky was fantastic to work with. The finished family keepsake books are beautiful and have a totally professional lookBook Publishing and feel.  The entire experience was better than I ever imagined. Thank you so much.”  

Susie Avey

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Book Publishing CompanyThere is certainly so much to be thankful for this year!  2020 has been such a different year than we could have ever imagined.  We at Smith Printing have been blessed to have had so many wonderful customers this year.  Our customers come from many locations and I can see that people are doing everything they can to keep their families, friendships and this country going strong.  Jody recently worked with us on her book publishing project and gave us these encouraging words…

“Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  One of the things that  I’m especially thankful for this year is finding your company.  You have been so helpful and made me feel at ease instantly.  

I’ve enjoyed working with a fellow sister in Christ, Jody”

Found a new publisher…

Book PublisherRon already had some experience with book publishing when he went looking for another solution.  Despite all the limitations of the current virus climate he was able to receive exactly what he wanted…

“The virus played a part with some aspects of completing our order of books. Becky worked through it and suggested a solution that didn’t change the outcome. This is my third publisher I’ve worked with. Smith Printing Company will be the first to be contacted next time. Very pleased and would order again with her.”

Ron Javner

Font in the image is Cooper Black!  Book Printing Service

Gorgeous book printing…

Book Printing and Binding ServicesOn our home page we say, “Whether you need 1000 copies of your project or only one, we are excited about the opportunity to serve you!”  This was one of the instances where we printed 1,000 copies of the book.  It was a very nice hard cover book binding with gold foil stamping and a full color dust jacket.  We were very happy to receive this message from our customer after completing their book publishing project: 

“Dear People,

The books are absolutely gorgeous. Everyone says so, the colors, the finish, the paper, the endpapers, the printing, the binding, the stamping, the readability, everything! So well done.

I am now leaving for the fulfuillment center in Troy where I will sign the sponsors’ books. We should be able to send them all today, if the center is not too busy. At least they will all be signed.

Thank you all so very much for a job beautifully accomplished with patience and determination!”

Will and Caroline


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Book Printing Service

Guiding you through the book printing process…

Book publishing guideOne of the questions we always ask our customers is, “Why did you decide to produce your book printing project with us?”  Two of the most common answers are, Book publishing guide“lowest price” and “best customer service.”  We have found that a low price can get someone in the door but it is good customer service that will close the deal and keep people coming back again and again.  Part of good customer service is knowing how to guide someone through the process of taking a book project from conception to completion.  We can take what may seem to be a complicated process and make it very simple.  We promise we won’t use complicated language that will only leave you confused or discouraged.

Dan chose Smith Printing Company for these very reasons.  He gave us this feedback:

“Becky has been very helpful in guiding me through the process of printing my first book” – Dan Clark

Smith Printing to the rescue…

Book Publishing and Printing HelpDan actually started his book publishing journey with another company and found himself stranded, looking for answers.  He called on Smith Printing company to help rescue the project and bring it back home safe and sound!

“I actually started the process of printing my biography/personal history book with another printing/publishing company. I had many questions and concerns that weren’t addressed very well. After finding Smith Printing, I got my project printed and bound, and all my questions and issues were answered and resolved exceeding my expectations. When I started the process I was apprehensive, but in the end, I am very satisfied and happy with my decision to have Smith help me with my project. As a bonus, the final cost was noticeably less than was quoted with the first printer.  I recommend Smith Printing Company.”

Dan Delight

A big family tree makes for a great book…

This large family was looking for a way to capture more than 180 years of history in a printed book…Publishing your family history book

“As surviving siblings of a family of 10 children, my sister and I ended up with all of the family records and photos. In an attempt to make these available to our children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren, we converted these to electronic form. The collection of family records motivated us to write narratives (with photos) of the family history featuring ancestors dating back more than 180 years, but mainly featuring our parents and the 10 siblings.

After completing this six month project, we investigated different binding companies for bound copies which could serve as keepsakes for the younger members of the Taylor clan.  In telephone conversations, Becky Smith was the most impressive with her knowledge of how best to accomplish the binding, recommendations on paper quality, instructions on how best to prepare the electronic file, etc.  After transmission of the electronic file to Smith Publishing, Becky very carefully arranged the spacing of the written materials and photos for optimal front and back printing.  The overall time frame was about 5 weeks from our electronic submission to receiving the box of books.  During the entire time, we were kept informed on the stages and progress of the project.  In summary, we were very pleased with our work with Smith Publishing and would highly recommend them to other people pursuing similar bindings and a limited number of books.”

Thanks again for helping us to accomplish our project in a most pleasant relationship.

Bob & Lucille

Reflecting on Life’s Accomplishments…

Publishing your life's work in a bookNicole was looking for a nice gift to help a family member through a time of life transition.  The books turned out to be a perfect idea!

“They were actually a gift to my step-mother, Gloria, and she was absolutely thrilled to receive them.  I just spoke with her over this past weekend, and she told me she had been reading her poetry book over and over again.  The books are giving her the opportunity to reflect back on her life’s accomplishments as she prepares to make a transition to a long-term care facility.  Thank you so much again for your time and attention in producing beautiful keepsakes for Gloria’s family to enjoy for years to come.”

Nicole Wagonheim

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