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A big family tree makes for a great book…

This large family was looking for a way to capture more than 180 years of history in a printed book…Publishing your family history book

“As surviving siblings of a family of 10 children, my sister and I ended up with all of the family records and photos. In an attempt to make these available to our children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren, we converted these to electronic form. The collection of family records motivated us to write narratives (with photos) of the family history featuring ancestors dating back more than 180 years, but mainly featuring our parents and the 10 siblings.

After completing this six month project, we investigated different binding companies for bound copies which could serve as keepsakes for the younger members of the Taylor clan.  In telephone conversations, Becky Smith was the most impressive with her knowledge of how best to accomplish the binding, recommendations on paper quality, instructions on how best to prepare the electronic file, etc.  After transmission of the electronic file to Smith Publishing, Becky very carefully arranged the spacing of the written materials and photos for optimal front and back printing.  The overall time frame was about 5 weeks from our electronic submission to receiving the box of books.  During the entire time, we were kept informed on the stages and progress of the project.  In summary, we were very pleased with our work with Smith Publishing and would highly recommend them to other people pursuing similar bindings and a limited number of books.”

Thanks again for helping us to accomplish our project in a most pleasant relationship.

Bob & Lucille

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