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Book Printing Font of the Week – Wednesday, September 9

New Font for Google Logo

We have relied heavily on Google over the years to bring us search traffic from around the country.  When people search for book printing, book publishing, book printing or types of books like yearbooks or family history books we try to be as “search-friendly” as possible.  If you found us through a search, please send us a note to tell us what you typed in the search box!

I don’t always report on whatever Google is up to but this time it had to do with the font in their logo!  They went from some type of serif font to a new sans serif look.  Their blog said that they were trying to find a logo that was a little more mobile friendly.  The heavier sans serif font seems to do the trick….and of course, the missing color is GREEN.  What do you think, was it a good choice?

New Google Logo

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