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Book Printing Font of the Week – Wednesday, June 17

Book Printing Fonts, Clarendon

Book Printing Fonts Book Printing Fonts Book Printing Fonts

What do Wells Fargo, the San Francisco 49ers and Christian Brothers Automotive all have in common?  They all use the Clarendon Font in their logos!  There are many other organizations that have used different versions of Clarendon over the past years.  The German Empire used the Clarendon font for proclamations during World War I.  Bold versions have been used by the U.S. Book Printing FontsNational Park service for traffic signs.  Even though it is a serif font, I don’t think I would recommend it for the body of your paragraph text when printing a book.  Oh, if you have not heard of Christian Brothers Automotive, they are a top quality auto repair business with franchises throughout the country.  A friend of mine owns the one in Andover, MN so I thought I would give him a plug!

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