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Book Printing and Binding ServiceNila came to Smith Printing Company to have a memoir book printed for her and her family.  She had a bad experience with another book publisher previously that made her tentative to give it another try with a new company.  We were able to deliver what she needed and restore her faith in the book printing process!  She had these kind words to share about her experience with Smith Book Printing Company:

“The books have arrived!!!  AND they are worth the wait!  They look beautiful, and the quality is wonderful.  I am beyond pleased.  My hands were literally shaking as I opened the first box, remembering my horrible experience with the first publisher, but when I pulled out the first book my fears were put immediately to rest.  I am having a great time scanning through the book one more time.  I’m really excited to give them to my family.  Thank you for giving me exactly what I wanted as the end result of this very long project.  Your company is 1st on my list of recommendations to my friends who are still in the process of writing.”

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