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Friendly service and quick responses…

Tom needed a book printing service to print and bind a project that contained a collection of short stories he wanted to publish.  Pricing was only part of the reason he Book Printing Servicechose Smith Printing Company…

“I found Smith Printing’s cost of printing to be competitive, but more important was the friendly service and the quick responses to all inquiries.”

Tom Gilfoy

An author is receiving excellent reviews…

It’s great when your authors are pleased with the book printing services you provide…and even better when the author receives positive feedback from their customers!

Book Printing Service“The sample copies of my book are receiving excellent reviews, but one reviewer commented about the book itself, not just the content. Here is what she had to say:”

“The book has heft, a nice feel, comfortable font, and the photos present extremely well. You did an excellent job in design and the printer showcased your work beautifully.”

“I told you we make a great team.”


Experience in the printing process can make the difference between fizzle or fabulous…

Linda had written a fascinating book and worked with our team to get the final look she had envisioned.  She had these kind words to say about our book printing Book Printing Servicesservices:

“The advance copies of my book had to look great. A well produced cover engages you instantly. While working with Smith Printing I felt as though we were a team in the production process of my book, “When Capone Ruled the Village.” I supplied the graphic design,Terri helped with cover assembly and Becky kept everything running smoothly. The result was beautifully produced. The proper paper and binding was selected by Becky who knew exactly what suited the content of the book. Experience in the printing process can make the difference between fizzle or fabulous. So glad I found Smith Printing.”

Linda Malek

Working together to make it happen…

Book Printing ServiceWhile researching book printers for her project Linda found us through an online search.  She selected Smith Printing Company because she was impressed with our customer service.  She had written a great murder mystery and we collaborated together on the formatting, cover design and printing of the book.

“I really liked the fact that I was able to be completely involved in the process of putting together my new book. Whenever I decided that I would like something changed, they were totally accommodating. The quality of my finished book is as good or better than of any established author. Smith Printing will definitely print my next book.”

Look for her entry on our Author Interviews and Insights page coming soon!

Google review for our book printing services…

Book Printing Services

If you search for book printing services using Google or other search engines you will most likely happen upon Smith Printing Company.  People also have an opportunity to leave us a review.  Our latest review came to us from a customer in Sandwich, Massachusetts.  Thanks Edward!

I had decided to pursue my goal of writing My Story. I had no idea of what I had undertaken. What started with 40 pages and 32 family photographs evolved into a book of 180 pages including over 130 photographs. I was so fortunate to find Smith Publishing Company online. I am on Cape Cod and they are in Minnesota. That was my lucky day! Becky Smith and her team have been simply wonderful to work with. Their patience and encouragement have been so very helpful in my endeavor. I could not have ever found anyone who could have been any more courteous or professional. They have been a significant partner in this project and their friendly and timely service has been invaluable.

Edward Kavanagh –  Sandwich, Massachusetts

I couldn’t be happier…

Book Printing ServiceHope chose Smith Printing Company because she believed we offered the best solution for her book printing project.  We have actually printed two books for her so we asked for some feedback…

“I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Smith Printing Company.  Becky was so helpful and great to work with. This is the second time my family has used Smith Printing. I recommend it highly.”


If you want personalized friendly service, this is the place…

The best testimonial is that of a repeat customer.  We have completed four book printing projects for John and he had this to say:Book Printing Service

“Smith Printing is first class – Their commitment to your book project, their professionalism, their striving to meet sometimes impossible deadlines, and their customer commitment is a real treat. IF you want personalized friendly service, this is the place – They have done four books for me and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.”

John Frymoyer

You made the experience easy and personable…

Book Printing ServicesLee’s family history book project came to us from the great state of Montana!  The Smith family had just taken our summer Book printing servicevacation, camping in nearby Glacier National Park.  What a wonderful area and we loved the nice thank you card you sent!

“Thanks again for making my first experience at producing our family’s history a completely delightful event!  Also, when I get around to finishing my life’s story, I’ll be happy to contact you.  You made the experience easy and personable.”


…but when I look at my own book, I think of you– you made me look good!

Dear Becky,Book Printing Service
Just a note to say how much I appreciate your work. The time you spent with me, countless emails, was of tremendous value. It is rare these days to find people like you.

Having such a good experience with you from my first book, I was so glad to be able to return to you for this one. I realize I may be just another customer, and an insignificant one at that, however treating me like I am a premier customer just reinforces my appreciation for you.

The books look wonderful! The Warden (my wife and biggest critic, she knows my work well) immediately grabbed a book and started flipping through the pages and stated, “This looks terrific.” She already knew the content, her comment was about your work.

I presented the book to Michael yesterday and he loves it. His wife could not stop talking about it either. Anyone who reads the book will obviously be thinking about Michael. However, when Michael himself reads the book, he is thinking of me. But when I look at my own book, I think of you– you made me look good.

May God bless you and your work!
Thank you again,

Thanks for everything…I’m jumping for joy!

Book Printing ServiceSandy had a very special book printing project that we were proud to help become a reality.  Her promise made was a promise kept, a legacy is now handed on to the ones loved most!

“Books are here and I am absolutely delighted.  I love them and am so pleased at how they turned out.  I can’t wait to give everyone their book!  Thank you so much for your help and suggestions, and thanks for working with me on all the little weird requests and changes.  You have been great!

I am thrilled, and I think my husband would have been so pleased.  I wish he could have seen the final product before he passed away.  I know he would have loved it too!  I have fulfilled my promise to him to be sure and got this project done and handed to his kids, grandkids, brothers and sisters.

Thanks for everything, and I’m jumping for joy!”


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