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A book about Sully the Rescue Dog…

Book printing processThe process of printing a book can be an enjoyable experience…authors often share their deepest passions with the world through their creative works.  Christie had Smith Printing produce her book about Sully the rescue dog.   It has been a busy time but a great journey!

“I love the final product!  I have been extra busy with things BESIDES the book, but have still managed to sell 62 copies in two weeks.  I have a book reading scheduled next Saturday in Rochester that I am really excited about. It’s a fund raiser for RAGOM and I was so honored that they invited Sully and I to the event!  I would be more than happy to fill out a favorable review!”

“Becky was wonderful to work with! She guided me through the process of getting my book printed and was always available to answer my questions. Becky made the process of printing my book an enjoyable experience!”


You can purchase a copy of “Sully” here:

Book Printing and Binding


Book Printing and BindingKim came to us with a book project that he had originally completed in digital form only.  He had his daughter help with cover design and Terri at Smith Printing assisted in formatting the book.  There were also some friends that helped push him over the finish line!  He sent an email sharing a Facebook post detailing his experience:

“My printed book arrived at the house today. I’m impressed. (Not at its words but rather by its looks.) My daughter’s cover is eye catching and beautiful and reading my name on the binding is fun. I worked with Smith Printing in Ramsey and am glad I did. Although the book hasn’t changed substantially since I first published it electronically, with Smith’s help and the help of its formatting and creative genius, Terri Peterson, it is now professional. As they made formatting changes, I read my work extremely closely and made enough changes in content for me to feel proud of our creation. Lots of work. Lots of patience. Lots of fun. Special thanks to Nancy Robinson, a Facebook friend who read it months ago and enjoyed it so much, she inspired me to take it the next step. Others have been encouraging as well and I thank you all.” 

Kim Brandell


Self published author is finding ways to share her creative works…

Book Printing and BindingWhen Ann Sawyer had her book printed by Smith Printing Company that was just the beginning of her journey.  Since then she has had a public reading of her book, received a great professional review and created her own YouTube video! 

“During the Q&A (which is not included in the YouTube link) I did give a shout-out for Smith Printing. Someone commented on how nice the “feel” of the book was, and how they liked the printing quality.”

A note from the author:

Hi Friends and Neighbors, 

For those of you weren’t able to attend the reading at Moon Palace, I’ve posted the reading of Mars on Life on Youtube. It runs about 9 minutes, and has the beautiful music of Laura Harada and Tim O’Keefe. I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to share it widely with friends!

And…if you wish to score a copy of the book, you can go to Moon Palace Books or my website.


Love and springtime sneezes, 


Making the grade…

Book Printing and BindingAs a book printer we know there are many options out there to choose from.  We believe that we not only produce a great product but provide great service as well.  One of our recent customers had an experience with a very large book printing company and had this to say…

“The books arrived and we are more then just pleased.  The quality is outstanding.  I might have mentioned receiving the same sample book from Book Baby.  I would rate their product at a D- and the books I received from you an A+.  Your suggestions for book cover and pages were right on.  Simply an exceptional product.  Thank you for making this all happen Becky.”

Larry & Jane


Book Printing Customer Feedback…

Book Printing and BindingOne of the ways we find out how we are doing is by sending out customer feedback surveys once we have completed a book printing or book binding project.  Thank you Tawnia for taking the time to let us know about your experience with Smith Printing!  She stated she chose us for these reasons:

  • Lowest Price
  • Fastest Delivery
  • Customer Service
  • Best Solution

She also added these comments:

“Smith Printing far exceeded my expectations in print quality, turnaround time, and customer service. Becky went above and beyond to make the process easy to understand for an inexperienced author like me. She was upbeat, supportive and very accessible. I can’t recommend this company enough for self-published authors, and look forward to working with them on my next book.”

Guiding you through the book binding maze…

Book Printing and BindingMany of our book binding customers have never done a project like this before.  We can guide you through the process so you look like a pro!

“What a fantastic job Smith Printing did for us with my grandmothers memoirs! The price was incredibly fair, the end product was beyond our expectation and the delivery was quick. I honestly can’t say enough good things about the performance of this company. From the first conversation we had I felt like I was dealing with trusted friends. Becky and her company were absolutely wonderful.  I had never had a manuscript bound before, so I wasn’t sure how to proceed.  She provided sound advice and guidance and was an absolute delight to deal with.”


A very special Memory Book…

Book Printing and Binding

We recently had the honor of helping Barbara print a family history book for her granddaughter who was missing her father…

“My son died five years ago at the age of 46.  He has a now 7 year old daughter who lives with her mom in Singapore (My son and daughter-in-law went there for job opportunities and stayed for the wonderful environment and experiences that are available to Alex).  Alex was only a year and a half old when Robert died.  Recently she has been saying that her Daddy has “fallen out of her heart” because she can’t remember him.  When she turned seven in June, I sent Alex a photo of her dad at his seventh birthday party.  Her response to that made me think that this might be a good time to write down some family history and information about her dad that she can hang onto.  I tried to include photos too so that Robert will seem a bit more “real” to her. 

Alexandra sleeps with her book under her pillow every night. She calls it her “Happy Memories Book.” So, I guess we can say you made her day too!”


A place for self published authors to sell their books!

Self PublishingOne of our published authors has taken her love of books to the next level!  She has opened a book store called the Book Nook, located in Delano Minnesota.

My name is Linda Gendron and I recently opened a charming little book store called “The Book Nook” in historic downtown Delano, Minnesota. I carry a variety of new and used books. I also cater to local authors and sell their books in my store and it has been going very well. One 13 year/old author from Albany, Mn., wrote a historical fiction that takes place in WWI, printed his book with Smith Printing and I sold 29 of his books in 4 weeks.

Everyone in Delano seems to be happy to have a book store in town and I am thoroughly enjoying this new adventure!

Self Publishing Your Book Self Publishing Your Book

Self Publishing Your Book

Two books from young authors published by Smith Printing!


From start to finish…

Susie came to us with her family book printing project because she experienced good customer service right from the start.  We are glad she was very satisfied with her printed and bound books!

Book PublishingFrom start to finish of my project, Becky was fantastic to work with. The finished family keepsake books are beautiful and have a totally professional lookBook Publishing and feel.  The entire experience was better than I ever imagined. Thank you so much.”  

Susie Avey

Merry Christmas!

This has been a year different than any other most of us can remember.  Fear and uncertainty have been the main headlines.  We have not been able to be as close as we would like to those dear to us for comfort and encouragement.  And yet during this darkness a light is shining upon the world this Christmas season reminding us that there is still hope and joy in the world!  We celebrate a God who sent His son Jesus to be our Savior over 2000 years ago.  I love watching the “A Charlie Brown Christmas” story because Linus reminds us, “this is what Christmas is all about!”  Merry Christmas everyone!

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