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Guiding you through the book printing process…

Book publishing guideOne of the questions we always ask our customers is, “Why did you decide to produce your book printing project with us?”  Two of the most common answers are, Book publishing guide“lowest price” and “best customer service.”  We have found that a low price can get someone in the door but it is good customer service that will close the deal and keep people coming back again and again.  Part of good customer service is knowing how to guide someone through the process of taking a book project from conception to completion.  We can take what may seem to be a complicated process and make it very simple.  We promise we won’t use complicated language that will only leave you confused or discouraged.

Dan chose Smith Printing Company for these very reasons.  He gave us this feedback:

“Becky has been very helpful in guiding me through the process of printing my first book” – Dan Clark

Smith Printing to the rescue…

Book Publishing and Printing HelpDan actually started his book publishing journey with another company and found himself stranded, looking for answers.  He called on Smith Printing company to help rescue the project and bring it back home safe and sound!

“I actually started the process of printing my biography/personal history book with another printing/publishing company. I had many questions and concerns that weren’t addressed very well. After finding Smith Printing, I got my project printed and bound, and all my questions and issues were answered and resolved exceeding my expectations. When I started the process I was apprehensive, but in the end, I am very satisfied and happy with my decision to have Smith help me with my project. As a bonus, the final cost was noticeably less than was quoted with the first printer.  I recommend Smith Printing Company.”

Dan Delight

A big family tree makes for a great book…

This large family was looking for a way to capture more than 180 years of history in a printed book…Publishing your family history book

“As surviving siblings of a family of 10 children, my sister and I ended up with all of the family records and photos. In an attempt to make these available to our children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren, we converted these to electronic form. The collection of family records motivated us to write narratives (with photos) of the family history featuring ancestors dating back more than 180 years, but mainly featuring our parents and the 10 siblings.

After completing this six month project, we investigated different binding companies for bound copies which could serve as keepsakes for the younger members of the Taylor clan.  In telephone conversations, Becky Smith was the most impressive with her knowledge of how best to accomplish the binding, recommendations on paper quality, instructions on how best to prepare the electronic file, etc.  After transmission of the electronic file to Smith Publishing, Becky very carefully arranged the spacing of the written materials and photos for optimal front and back printing.  The overall time frame was about 5 weeks from our electronic submission to receiving the box of books.  During the entire time, we were kept informed on the stages and progress of the project.  In summary, we were very pleased with our work with Smith Publishing and would highly recommend them to other people pursuing similar bindings and a limited number of books.”

Thanks again for helping us to accomplish our project in a most pleasant relationship.

Bob & Lucille

Reflecting on Life’s Accomplishments…

Publishing your life's work in a bookNicole was looking for a nice gift to help a family member through a time of life transition.  The books turned out to be a perfect idea!

“They were actually a gift to my step-mother, Gloria, and she was absolutely thrilled to receive them.  I just spoke with her over this past weekend, and she told me she had been reading her poetry book over and over again.  The books are giving her the opportunity to reflect back on her life’s accomplishments as she prepares to make a transition to a long-term care facility.  Thank you so much again for your time and attention in producing beautiful keepsakes for Gloria’s family to enjoy for years to come.”

Nicole Wagonheim

Friendly service and quick responses…

Tom needed a book printing service to print and bind a project that contained a collection of short stories he wanted to publish.  Pricing was only part of the reason he Book publishing costs and customer servicechose Smith Printing Company…

“I found Smith Printing’s cost of printing to be competitive, but more important was the friendly service and the quick responses to all inquiries.”

Tom Gilfoy

An author is receiving excellent reviews…

It’s great when your authors are pleased with the book printing services you provide…and even better when the author receives positive feedback from their customers!

Book Printing Service“The sample copies of my book are receiving excellent reviews, but one reviewer commented about the book itself, not just the content. Here is what she had to say:”

“The book has heft, a nice feel, comfortable font, and the photos present extremely well. You did an excellent job in design and the printer showcased your work beautifully.”

“I told you we make a great team.”


Four Victims – An Atlanta Homicide Story

Our next entry comes from first time author LG Young.  Drawing upon her own professional experience and familiarity with the city of Atlanta, she was able to create a fascinating story readers of murder mysteries will certainly enjoy!  Here are some of her insights on becoming a published author:

Book printing for self published authors

Where did you get the inspiration or idea to write your story?  “I was a medical examiner investigator for over 10 years, so I have a lot of stories to tell.”

Why is your story or subject important to you?  “It’s for fun. I enjoying reading murder/mysteries and watching the crime shows on TV, so hopefully I will give others enjoyment reading my stories.

Did you learn anything new about writing along the way?  “There is a lot to learn in the process of publishing your own works. At least it will be much easier for the next book.”

What challenges do you face as a writer?  “Editing, Editing, Editing. And stopping yourself from wanting to change the way you write things every time you reread your manuscript. Pick one and sick with it.”

If you could share one piece of advice with a beginning author, what would that be?  “Write it in a way that you would enjoy reading it.”

Where have you been selling your book, what has worked best? “I just received the first books two days ago, so am just in that process of how and where to sell my new book. It was so exciting to finally hold the finished product in my hand. It is available on my website, and is available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle.”

Just for Fun

What is your favorite font?  Times New Roman

What is your favorite season of the year?  Summer

Are you a Dog or Cat person?  I’ve had both all my life

Where do you go to write?  Sitting on my bed in my bedrooom.

Your favorite book:  Outlander – Diana Gabaldon

Finally, Who is YOUR favorite author?  John Sandford

Additional insights you would like to share: “I lucked out when I found Smith Printing. I received more help than just having a book printed. And, the final product was way above my expectations. I am very proud of the quality of my new book.”


Experience in the printing process can make the difference between fizzle or fabulous…

Linda had written a fascinating book and worked with our team to get the final look she had envisioned.  She had these kind words to say about our book printing Book printing servicesservices:

“The advance copies of my book had to look great. A well produced cover engages you instantly. While working with Smith Printing I felt as though we were a team in the production process of my book, “When Capone Ruled the Village.” I supplied the graphic design,Terri helped with cover assembly and Becky kept everything running smoothly. The result was beautifully produced. The proper paper and binding was selected by Becky who knew exactly what suited the content of the book. Experience in the printing process can make the difference between fizzle or fabulous. So glad I found Smith Printing.”

Linda Malek

Working together to make it happen…

Book Printing ServiceWhile researching book printers for her project Linda found us through an online search.  She selected Smith Printing Company because she was impressed with our customer service.  She had written a great murder mystery and we collaborated together on the formatting, cover design and printing of the book.

“I really liked the fact that I was able to be completely involved in the process of putting together my new book. Whenever I decided that I would like something changed, they were totally accommodating. The quality of my finished book is as good or better than of any established author. Smith Printing will definitely print my next book.”

Look for her entry on our Author Interviews and Insights page coming soon!

Google review for our book printing services…

Book Printing Services

If you search for book printing services using Google or other search engines you will most likely happen upon Smith Printing Company.  People also have an opportunity to leave us a review.  Our latest review came to us from a customer in Sandwich, Massachusetts.  Thanks Edward!

I had decided to pursue my goal of writing My Story. I had no idea of what I had undertaken. What started with 40 pages and 32 family photographs evolved into a book of 180 pages including over 130 photographs. I was so fortunate to find Smith Publishing Company online. I am on Cape Cod and they are in Minnesota. That was my lucky day! Becky Smith and her team have been simply wonderful to work with. Their patience and encouragement have been so very helpful in my endeavor. I could not have ever found anyone who could have been any more courteous or professional. They have been a significant partner in this project and their friendly and timely service has been invaluable.

Edward Kavanagh –  Sandwich, Massachusetts

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